Car Transporter Trailer: Ramp Setup

Square and tack weld all the box section components together.

Use the hinge pin to help align the hinge pipes and tack weld as shown below, to the ramp.

Note - The trailer shown here has 5mm alloy cladding on the ramp and deck. If you are using cladding of a different thickness, adjust the hinge pipe offset from the ramp edge.


Do not weld the ramp or chain lug on until the ramp is fitted to the chassis.

Fit the ramp to the chassis again using the hinge pin to align the hinge pipes and allowing the correct clearance above the light channel for the deck thickness. Also allow side clearance as shown in the last drawing.


When fitting the hinge pipes to the trailer, allow a slight gap either side of the pipe to allow for easy movement of the ramp.

Fit the tie rail pin in the end of the tie rail and adjust so the lynch pin hole will clear the ramp lug plate when fitted to the ramp.

Securely weld the tie rail pin in position, including a hot, strong weld in the "spot weld hole".Ramp-setup-2.png

Once the tie rail pin and ramp is in place, fit the ramp lug plate centrally over the pin and tack weld to the ramp. Operate the ramp to ensure there is no interference and the ramp hinge is not stiff or binding. Adjust as required for a smooth action.

Fit the chain lug plate and gussets as shown above.