4.7m (15ft) Boat Trailer: Adjustable Winch Post

As an alternative to the fixed winch post on the previous page, the following details are for fabricating a couple of adjustable winch posts.

Firstly determine whether your boats bow ring (for winching the boat onto the trailer) is high or low on the bow and whether you need to fabricate a "winch on top" or a "winch below" winch post.


The main winch post and base plate are as for the fixed winch and use the following components to make up the winch post as required.

The overall length of the winch post may need to be increased depending on the height of the boats bow and bow ring.


Source a suitable sized U bracket to snuggly fit the 35 x 35 SHS snub arm. Weld the U bracket to the Vee plate and a galvanised bolt and nyloc nut to mount the U bracket to the snub arm.