4.7m (15ft) Boat Trailer: Chassis Setup

The chassis requires a couple of additional components to complete the main body.


Cut and fit the corner braces to the inside corners of the chassis as shown above. Mount them central to the chassis rail and weld securely. These are great for both bracing the trailer as well as giving additional tie down points for either the boat or covers.




Grind off any excess raised weld on the outside corner of the chassis rails and fit the corner plates.





Cut and fit the license plate and light mounts as detailed. If you have your lights, you can predrill the plates for ease of fitting later.


The next couple of pages detail the fitting of the stem sockets on the front and centre crossmember as well as fitting the rear U Bracket and rear roller brace plate.



For the tie rings, either bend up some 10mm rod or cut some suitably sized chain links.