8' x 5' Single Axle Trailer: Tailgates


Tailgate Fabrication

Setting up the tailgates is similar to the sides but care needs when welding to prevent the tailgates from twisting. Use the drawbar as a clamping table if you have no other suitable surface.


Position the angle uprights at either end of the tie rail as per the drawing, square the uprights to the tie rail and tack weld.Tailgate-Frame.png

Mark the centre of the panel on the top lip and drill a hole to suit the rod centre support. Mark the bottom lip to help line the rod up when in position.

Fit the panel with the lips facing upwards, between the uprights and flush at the bottom. Tack weld panel to the uprights.

Slide in the rod centre support, line up with the bottom mark and tack weld into position.Tailgate-insert.gif

Clamp a piece of flat bar across the top of the tailgate lip and place a hinge pipe underneath. This will ensure the hinge pipe is flush with the top of the lip. Adjust the hinge pipe until it is flush with the outside edge of the angle upright and tack into position. Repeat with the other outer hinge pipe and centralise the centre hinge pipe and tack into position.Tailgate-hinge-pipes.png

 Fully weld the hinge pipes and the upper and lower lips as shown


Stitch weld the centre rod and angle uprights to the panel as shown below.