Car Transporter Trailer: Guards


NOTE - The guard position shown is only approximate and should be used as a guide only. To get the most accurate position of the guards, dry fit the hubs to the axles, and fit, with the wheels, to the trailer.

Adequate clearance between the guard and tyre is essential to prevent build up of mud and stones and rubbing of the tyres on the guards under load.

As a guide, 50-75mm between the top of the tyre and underside of guard and at least the same measurement between the back of the rear tyre and guard should be sufficient for most purposes.

Allow 50mm clearance between the front of the front tyre and guard.




Once the guard position has been found, tack weld the guards to the chassis rail and use the guard strap and brace to help square the guard to the trailer.


Cut and fold the guard gussets and notch the front gussets around the external tilt plate. Square the gusset to both the guard and the trailer and tack weld into position.

It is important that care and accuracy is taken when setting up the guards and guard gussets. Poorly fitting or out of square guards/gussets will make the trailer look poorly built and second rate. Spend some time getting it right!