Ground Loading Trailer: Spring Beam Setup


The spring beam is an adjustable axle/spring mount to assist with getting the load balance correct on the trailer.

Measure and cut the components as per the details below.

The overall guard width is dependant on the size tyre being used and what type (if any) brakes are fitted. The setup shown is for hydraulic disc brakes.


Notch out the spring beam for the u bolt plates to sit against the main chassis without interference.


Note - The spring beam shown below is for the left hand side. Fabricate a mirror image for the right hand side (beware of making 2 left hand spring beams!)


 NOTE - The right hand spring beam and guard setup is shown below.


 Tack weld all components once in the correct position. Make sure you have both a left and right axle beam and once happy with all being square, fully weld.