Jetski Trailer: Guards

NOTE - Guard position shown here is approximate only.

Setting up guards should be done with the axle and wheels fitted.


Adjust the guard position to compensate for spring movement. When the trailer is loaded (jetski and road bounce), the axle will mover up and rearward. Allow extra clearance (5-10mm) between the top and rear of the tyre and the guard.

For standard 610mm leaf springs, the guard will require notching around the spring hanger and slipper to allow guard to be mounted on the chassis rail.


Square the guard braces along the centreline of the chassis rail and fully weld. Stitch weld the guard to the braces.

NOTE - Take care mounting the guards and braces to the trailer. Ensure all components are square and parallel. Poorly fitted guards will highlight poor workmanship, and degrade/cheapen the look of the trailer.