Tow Dolly: Sub Chassis Assembly

Set up all the sub chassis components as per the details below and tack weld into position. Double check that the pivot support tube is central and square to the axle tube.

The drawbar braces and pivot support tube top faces should be flush with the top face of the axle tube.

Be sure to fit the tilt shroud end of the drawbar brace, flush with the drawbar and not with the top of the tilt shroud.



 It is also critical that a 20mm gap is introduced between the pivot support tube and the drawbar, and again, double check everything is square and as it should be, before fully welding.



If possible, sandbag or clamp the tack welded sub chassis to a rigid structure before fully welding.

Stagger the welding around the trailer to reduce any heat induced distortion and twisting of the frame.